Uncompressed Video Recorder: UDR-40S-DV

Programmable up to 8K/4K·3D·16bit·480Hz

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Engineered for high-end video R&D simulation, UDR-40S is the real-time uncompressed video recorder. 8ch x Dual-link DVI I/F enables fully programmable video formats up to 1.2G pixel/sec, e.g. 8K x 4K resolution, 3D operation, 480Hz refresh rate and 16bit RGB color depth. Detachable Solid-state Memory Pack architecture extends recording duration up to 12TB, 74min for 4K/60p/12bit. AES/EBU Audio I/F is provided for 12ch x 16/20/24 bit operation. Raid-5 equivalent redundancy provides reliable operation. Data transfer between host computer is available via multiple file formats such as BMP, YUV, TIFF, DPX and customized format.



* Fully Programmable up to 1.2G pixel/s, e.g. 8K/4K, 3D, 480Hz

* Uncompressed Recording up to 12TB, e.g. 74min fo 4K/60p

* AES/EBU Digital Audio, 12ch x 12/20/24bit

* File format as BMP,YUV, TIFF, DPX and more

* Raid-5 equivalent redundancy




UDR-40S-DV-8 UDR-40S-DV-4

Video Channel 8ch Dual-Link DVI 4ch Dual-Link DVI

Video format

VESA(UXGA) 8bit / 60P

720P 8, 10, 12bit / 59, 94, 60P

1080, DCI2K 8, 10, 12bit / 23.98, 24, 29.97, 30P/PsF, 59.94, 60I 59.94, 60P

QHD, DCI4K 8, 10, 12bit / 23.98, 24, 29.97, 30 P/PsF, 59.94, 60I 59.94, 60P

QHD, DCI4K/3D 8, 10, 12 bit / 23.98, 24m 29.97, 30 P/PsF, 59.94, 60I 59.94, 60P

Data format (uncompressed)

RGB4:4:4 8/10/12/16 bit

YPbPr4:2:2 8/10/12/16 bit

Recording time at QHDTV / RGB 12bit/60P 1ch format

12TB (3072GB x 4 pack) 74 min

6TB (1534GB x 4 pack) 37 min

3TB (768GB x 4 pack) 18 min

1.5TB (384GB x 4 pack) 9 min


Sampling frequency 48KHz (Locked to image)

Audio recording data format 16/20/24bit x 12ch (AES/EBU)

OS for host PC

Microsoft Windows XP / Vista/ 7 32bit/64bit


Power requirement AC 90 to 240V 600W or less
Dimensions 5U (W:430 x H:221 x D:555 mm) *Excluding projected portion
Operation Temperature 0 to 45C * Avoid direct sunshine
Operating Humidity 25 to 80% RH * Avoid dew condition



Specifications are subject to change without notice.