Uncompressed Video Recorder

Portable 4K / 3G-SDI & HDMI output: UDR-N50


4K / 3G-SDI & HDMI Output

Synchronous Operation for 8K/3G higher

10Gb Ethernet for data tarnsfer

RS-422 Controllable



Programmable 8K/4K-3D-480Hz D-DVI x 8ch: UDR-40S

UDR-40SFully Proggrammable

up to 1.2G pixel/s

8k/4k - 3D - 480Hz - 16bit - RGB

Dual-Link DVI x 8ch


4K/2K-RGB-12bit HD-SDI: UDR-20S (10S)


8ch (4ch) x HD-SDI

up to 4K-RGB-12bit

Detachable Disk Pack System




Camera Mountable HD-SDI / 2K Recorder: UDR-D100



Camera Mountable & Battery Operation

Detachable Disk Pack




Specialty Monitor

Native 4K-3D Monitor

4K-3D monitor



Native 4K resolution

Half-mirror with Passive Glass